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Lovelace Services has successfully completed a large scale residential landscaping job in Xenia, Ohio.  The details of the design and pictures of the job are below to provide you with ideas that you can implement into your home or office.  The local owners wanted a low to medium maintenance English style design, along with a custom made lattice fence to hide utility structures.  A line of arborvitae trees was incorporated along the driveway to provide privacy from the neighbors. The new landscaping will provide a very dense ground cover of ivy and pachysandra eventually eliminating the need for periodic mulch and weeding.  This design creates a perfect blend for the owners who love to travel during the summer and do not want to worry about watering everyday.



Lovelace Services teamed up with Fred Schommer, owner of Special Effects Landscape Design & Outdoor Lighting to create a custom plan for the owners to meet their exact specifications.  Large existing mounds with weeds at the front of the house were significantly reduced along with unwanted shrubs and trees removed.  The beds were rounded, picturesque boulders moved and high quality bluegrass sod laid.

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The completed project only took 3 days by Lovelace Services.  All shrubbery, ground cover and trees where acquired at local nurseries using our volume discount pricing, keeping the overall price of the job at a very affordable budget.